Over the years we've had the privilege to grow and expand our team to include some pretty special individuals. We pride ourselves on having an enthusiastic, friendly and extremely talented team. We can assure you that when you put yours (or your business') trust in Drew Accounting, you'll be working with some of the best in the biz. Get yourself familiar with us below.

Get in touch anytime, we'd love to meet you!


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CBO (Chief Barketing Officer)

As the youngest staff member, Juno didn't hesitate to get straight into work.

She specialises in greeting new clients at the door, and making sure everybody is having a happy day, despite the weather!

Juno, like the rest of the team, offers complimentary catch-ups. She'd love to meet you!

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Linda Drew

Owner/Director  |  027 2000 580  |  linda@drewaccounting.co.nz

Linda is the owner and managing director of Drew Accounting and is a member of ATAINZ.

She has over 15 years of accounting experience and is passionate about helping clients manage and grow their businesses by offering real time advice on a personal level. Linda loves ongoing contact with clients and feels that Drew Accounting can offer a valuable and truely worthwhile service for business owners.

Before taking on the challenge of growing her own business, she worked in banking both in NZ and overseas and worked as an accountant for several firms.

Linda loves reading, getting in the garden, travelling, and spending time socialising with family and friends.

Gary Headshot DSC_1040-Edit-2.jpg

Gary Dai

Accountant  |  (09) 360 7903  |  gary@drewaccounting.co.nz

Gary joined the team in May 2016, after graduating from the University of Auckland in 2015 holding a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law.

Gary is enjoying being part of the team at Drew Accounting, and our clients love his enthusiasm and hard work.

In his spare time, Gary likes to keep fit by going to the gym or playing squash, and he also loves spending time with his family.

Kristen Headshot DSC_0718-Edit-2.jpg

Kristen Baillie

Administrator / Office Manager  |  (09) 360 7903  |  kristen@drewaccounting.co.nz

In March 2019 Kristen joined the team as our Administrator and Office Manager after working 8 years in Inwards Goods and retail.

She loves things to be tidy and organised while creating a fun and friendly environment to be in - always with a ready and welcoming smile.

In her spare time Kristen loves a good book, singing, watching movies and spending time with friends.


Ryan Drew

Marketing Manager  |  (09) 360 7903  |  ryan@drewaccounting.co.nz

Starting at the beginning of 2018, Ryan's task was to give the business a facelift and increase growth through Marketing and Communications.

Ryan holds a degree in Commerce majoring in Marketing, and a degree in Music majoring in Jazz Performance - both from the University of Auckland.

He loves playing guitar, playing golf, watching the cricket, going fishing and drinking good coffee!

Meghan Headshot DSC_0715-Edit-2.jpg

Meghan Drew

Administrator  |  (09) 360 7903  |  meghan@drewaccounting.co.nz

Meghan joined the team in 2016, working part time in-between study.

She is now at The University of Auckland studying a bachelor of Engineering. Much to her mothers disappointment (and her Engineer father's delight), Meghan chose to not take the accounting route (even though she received the top prize for accounting in high school!).

In her spare time Meghan enjoys singing, orienteering and baking up a storm in the kitchen.